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I'm sorry, I was wrong

Year is coming again , and lively street in their explicit so lonely , looking at a person laugh, but I also like a fool , grinning . Laughing in the end not knowing what was inexplicable loneliness and took heart , cry cry but still ......

Out so many years , has never been the same as this year homesick , feeling homesick , perhaps because in that moment for a long time the release of buried hatred , perhaps they know a lot, maybe grow up, perhaps tired tired, perhaps can not stand .

I am frustrated forward to my mom, I could not do it , I can not stand . Heart good cry really difficult subject , but biting his lips did not cry out , I'm afraid I can not stop crying , I was afraid of my mother crying, I was afraid of a man I fear , always considered myself very mature, very sensible, but the eyes of his family, or that I never grow youngster .

My dad said this year's corn down, did not want to shop on their own right, involuntary tears streaming down , could not stop it. Closed long grievances, remorse in this moment it opened. So many years I have always hated my dad into the community from when I was fourteen , I hate my dad put me out of a man still ignore , in these seven years , capricious , revenge , selfishness took my whole heart . I did seven years and at home once a year and rarely go home, I would rather a person wandering alone in this city do not want to go home, because I hate my dad , I hate my dad eyes only for the money . I'm so envious of those years was the root of my age , because their parents ask their children never ask for anything, and I do, nothing, I do not understand why do not you understand me my dad . Just think of me as a tool to make money . Whenever a phone call at home , I will be busy as an excuse not to go home . From what I can remember , I 've always hated my dad , my dad beat my mom that moment, in their endless bickering that moment, I was tired of the family, so many years of my life so selfish , I even selfish parents said no one I love them , but they never stop my love. Until now, I gradually learned , understand the love for my father , but I never found buried deep Bale.

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